Buon appetito

It’s been a quiet Easter for me this year. My 4-day weekend was spent mostly at home, doing some chores, watching Friends and going to church. One thing that I found interesting was how similar the weather was to a particular Easter Sunday last year. Why I remembered it precisely is a story for another day.
Amidst my chillax, sweatpants & jumper-wearing days, I managed to arrange a mini catch up with a few old friends from my earlier Melbourne days.
We originally wanted to go to DOC Pizza in Carlton, but unfortunately they were closed (silly billy us didn’t bother to check their Easter trading hours at all). So we decided to make a quick detour and went to Kaprica instead. It turned out to be a really great alternative for our mini reunion. One friend actually said that he liked the pizza more than DOC’s (#winning). We stuffed ourselves with Queensland prawns with garlic and chilli, clam fetuccine, pizzas (smoked salmon with fish roe, prosciutto and shrooms), tiramisu and mini tarts tonight. (Plus a short mandatory Yo-Chi sesh afterwards. Yaasss!)
I’ve been missing home so badly these past few months. I’m grateful that I still have people in this city that somewhat help me overcome those quiet moments. These bunch are one of ‘em.

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