Tonight at six thirty, this happened.
Along with a tune from Angus and Julia Stone. 
Call me out of date, but I just recently discovered this brother & sister duo on a journey to work. They were being interviewed on a local radio station, in which they also did a live version of their single and a cover song. The moment they went on air, I felt a sudden pang of solace. Suddenly the dreadful 40-minute drive to work was not as unbearable anymore.
Having been around since 2006 (apparently!), the pair went their own paths in 2010 and each pursued a solo career. Only recently have they been reunited (thanks to Rick Rubin) and, I guess in celebration of this get-together, they just recently launched a self-titled album (on three: *squeeeeaaaal*). Their voice is just as amazing together as they are individually.
One of my favourites from this album is a song titled ‘Get Home’, since it sort of  – ehem.. – hits home. I’m totally putting their album on repeat on my Spotify at the moment. And they probably are going to stay on my go-to song list for one of those moments when I just need a comforting hug after a long day at work.
Image source: www.news.com.au

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